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Welcome to Studio 62, Inc., the premiere creative space in Little Rock and Central Arkansas, designed to ignite your creativity. Our studio rentals offer multiple sets with an aesthetic edge, providing the perfect backdrop for your artistic endeavors. Whether you're looking for a private environment to meet clients and discuss creative projects or a space to bring your ideas to life through YouTube videos, photography, or casting calls, Studio 62, Inc. has got you covered.

Our downtown content creation studio is a place where creativity knows no bounds. Our studio is designed to cater to the diverse needs of photographers and videographers, both amateur and professional, by offering six distinct sets that provide endless possibilities for capturing stunning visuals. In addition to those sets, you can step into our bohemian-inspired Boho Room, or venture into the all-green Green Room for seamless video integration. We also offer your traditional photo & video setup area where you can choose from over 8 colors of backdrop paper and take advantage of a variety of seating options to bring any project to life. The space is also equipped with two bathrooms, one shower, and a kitchenette area.

galaxy diamonds.jpg
galaxy diamonds.jpg

This space is ideal for use of different paper backdrops and includes access to a greenery wall. It includes access to different chairs, couches, and props. It also includes two bathrooms, and a shower. 


Rent this 7 set space for a quick change of different backgrounds. This includes a white, modern set, black stripped, greenery wall, pink wall, blue wall, yellow wall, and boho room. 

galaxy diamonds.jpg
galaxy diamonds.jpg
galaxy diamonds.jpg
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